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Featured Methodology

Emotion Navigator

Why Emotion Navigator™?

Do you know what your consumers are feeling?

Marketers and market researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the powerful role that human emotions play when it comes to consumer behavior. Brand perceptions, reactions to advertising, and purchase decisions are all impacted by consumers’ emotions.

More and more, we’re learning just how much emotions drive consumer behavior.

This suggests that it may be more important to know what your consumer is feeling than to know what he or she is thinking. MAi Research’s Emotion Navigator™ lets you do just this. Emotion Navigator™ uncovers and quantifies the underlying emotional drivers that consumers experience with regards to a given category and the various brands in their consideration set.

Emotion Navigator™ divides human emotion into 20 Emotion Groups – ten positive, ten negative – allowing you to see at a glance the emotional profile of a specific brand or product, or an entire product category. This emotional foundation enables you to better understand and position your product for greater success.