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Accountability for Sustainability: Consumers Raising Their Standards

December 7, 2022

Just when grocery stores started thinking about how terrible their plastic bags are and Starbucks comes along with paper straws, Amazon shows up and says, “move out of the way, we’ve got boxes.” It’s kind of cliché, but have you ever come home from work, and seen 10 amazon boxes on your front porch? We Read more

MAi October Monthly Recap

October 27, 2022

This October we launched our THC beverage initiative. This arena is exploding and we want to make sure that you are up to date on what is happening. Take a look at what we’ve discussed this month. Navigating the High Tides of THC Beverages Are your customers interested in THC beverages? Is that somewhere your Read more

Navigating The High Tides of THC Beverages

October 5, 2022

Catch a buzz means something different as people are becoming more accustomed to friends and family using marijuana instead of alcohol. THC products and beverages are becoming more mainstream, and the stigma is wearing off. People openly discussing whether they prefer to catch a buzz with marijuana or alcohol is commonplace. Smoking may continue to Read more

MAi September Monthly Recap

October 3, 2022

September went by in a flash and Q4 is upon us! Here is a recap of our weekly blogs this month and what MAi has been up to! Fall Returns with Student Loan Reimbursement This coming month, people will be starting to apply for student loan reimbursement. A lot of people will be getting relief Read more

Inclusivity: Beyond Gen Pop

September 27, 2022

The world is begging to adapt – to become more inclusive. How is our industry, and MAi Research, helping drive this in the right direction? What does DEI mean? The purpose of inclusivity isn’t just to check a box. Diversity isn’t just to fill a quota. Equity isn’t just to make everyone happy. Diversity, Equity, Read more

Big Changes in Fall as Student Loans are Reimbursed

September 6, 2022

              Fall Returns with Student Loan Reimbursement on the Horizon In my household Fall hits like a natural disaster. September 1st comes, and my wife has pumpkins on the porch, pumpkin beer in the fridge, and pumpkin pie in the oven. Fall brings the return of football season and Read more

Our Industry is Awesome, but Challenges lie Ahead

August 2, 2022

Some notes and observations from last week’s Quirk’s NYC Conference Last week’s Quirk’s Conference serves as a reminder that we’re in a vibrant and ever-evolving industry that combines new techniques and technology with time-tested techniques, some of which have been around as long as our profession has been in existence. I was also reminded how Read more

Influencer Marketing: The Connection Between Brand and Customer

July 25, 2022

Social media marketing is a beast, but can it be tamed? 82% of the United States population is on social media today. That includes most businesses, small and big. There are an unlimited number of ways to market on social media, combining different strategies with different platforms. Influencer Marketing has been taking off the past Read more

Five Social Media Giants and How Marketing is Becoming Interactive

July 15, 2022

If I told you that the first social media website was called Six Degrees, you’d look at me like I had six heads. 1997 was the year of this first social media network, quickly followed by some names you may remember, Friendster in 2001, LinkedIn in 2002, and MySpace in 2003. By 2006 MySpace was Read more

Love ‘em or Hate ‘em: Brand Polarization

June 30, 2022

Batman or Spiderman? Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel? These are age old questions that friends and comic book lovers will passionately debate for years to come. If you don’t have people arguing about your show or your brand, it’s likely it won’t be one that is remembered. When Game of Thrones was airing on HBO Read more