Product Development

Develop products that are tailored to the unique challenges posed by the relevant usage occasions.

This requires a deep understanding of consumers' needs and how current products deliver against them to derive better solutions.

We accomplish this with insights at three levels.


Explore product usage in the moment to truly understand consumers’ pain and pleasure points.


Construct a Product Development strategy that embraces category white space and underfulfilled needs.


Produce the best possible versions of your products to expand reach without alienating current users.



Understanding how consumers use their products is key to understanding how to make the experience better. However, the more elapsed time since usage, the less accurate the information will be.

To more accurately measure the experience, consumers are asked to use a product during the survey. A combination of open-ended and closed-ended questions, along with respondent-captured media, reveals the most relevant aspects of the experience.

Our Pathfinder Text Science parses verbatim responses to unveil the themes behind the product experience. We then combine the qualitative and quantitative data to define Driver Pathways.

The results include an Experience Index that depicts share of usage occasions, drivers of those usage decisions, and how the verbatims link to those drivers. Additionally, we generate a set of hypotheses for further inquiry and the potential discovery of category and product-level whitespace.


Reformulating and designing new products require a comprehensive understanding of current category problems and the specific products that attempt to solve them.

Driver Pathways connect the category problems, usage occasions, and currently available products by quantifying their relationships to need states and product features — revealing essential nuances that drive product usage across occasions.

Optionally, we can develop an Actionable Segmentation to reflect your key targets’ wants and needs, helping you tailor product development for them.

This yields a strategic approach that builds on any established brand equity, identifies the category white space and underfulfilled usage occasions, and charts the optimal development path.


Effective product optimization relies upon consumers’ experience with a product in order to model the influence of a product’s individual features on its overall appeal.

Using predictive modeling techniques, such as regression tree networks and neural networks, we decode the complex relationships between the product features (e.g. packaging, sensory, capability) and some performance metric (e.g. purchase intent, likelihood to recommend, overall liking).

Additionally, we can optimize each of your products with your segmentation algorithm, increasing appeal to each target and enhancing the viability of the overall line.

We then develop custom-built Dynamic Simulators to calculate the potential opportunity of the suggested changes and create alternate product feature combinations if those suggestions prove to be impractical.

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