Shopper Insights

Make the retail environment work for your brand by incorporating how the shopper thinks and feels.

This requires identifying and leveraging the key retail touchpoints, both online and in-store.

Only two steps are needed.


Determine the key retail signals that drive decisions and which types of shoppers are most influenced by them.


Establish the highest volume combination of price, shelf and store position, packaging, and communication.



Just as a Consumer Segmentation is created to better develop messaging and products for Consumers, a Shopper Segmentation is the key for developing the touchpoints  for Shoppers in the shopping environment, both online and in-store.

Shopper behavior is captured by a combination of voice responses, pictures, video, and short closed-ended questions while in the shopping environment, revealing the most relevant touchpoints and other influences.

With Actionable Segmentation of Shoppers based on their behavior, our Pathfinder Text Science exposes the themes intrinsic to the shopping experience by parsing their voice responses. We then combine the qualitative and quantitative data to define Driver Pathways by Shopper Segment.

This deeper examination of shoppers allows you to focus on those most likely to be influenced in the environment and to optimize retail touchpoints to have the greatest impact on them.


We quantify the impact of potential changes to the shopping environment on category sales, brand market shares, and overall shopability, accounting for the influence and importance of each Shopper Segment identified in the Observe step above.

With customized choice-based exercises, we determine the optimal combinations of store and shelf placement, package details, messaging, and price in each retailer of interest.

Custom-built Dynamic Simulators allow you to assess the potential opportunities so you can develop tactics that your retailers will embrace while giving your brand a competitive edge.

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